Jorge Juan B. Wieneke V (aka similarobjects) born October 21, 1989 is a 24 year old multi-genre beat-maker/producer/laptop musician/experimental artist from the Philippine Islands. He produces electronic tracks of an ever evolving aesthetic of various genres showcasing his wide range of influences spanning from ambient,avant-garde, lo-fi, wierdpop, minimal, glitch, hip-hop, IDM, down-tempo to future beats, synth funk and chill trap resulting in a sound uniquely his own. 

The monicker "similarobjects" was a reference to Carl Jung's theory of collective unconscious. the young musician mentions that the name was born out of a meditation done on a Russian Nesting Doll where the idea of "similarobject within similarobject" was derived from.

One of the househould names of the Manila local beat scene that has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the music world and is sought after for both his DJ sets and Live Performances. He is currently signed to local Record label "Deeper Manila" and "Number Line Records" as well as the Singaporean-based Label "DarkerThanWax" and is one of the founding members of one of the Philippines' household communities in the Manila local beat scene called "The BuwanBuwan Collective".

He is also a music professor in "THE ONE SCHOOL" and in De La Salle–College of Saint Benilde, School of Design and Arts where he teaches Electronic Music as a part of the AB Music Production Program.

== Music career ==

In 2010, independently came out with his first ever release called ''blackairconsober '' which got featured on online music publication Pitchfork Media ( after which he was signed to Deeper Manila Records later on releasing his first 4-track EP on the label called ''Quanta'' under the Deeper Manila imprint. Later on in 2011, he was also signed on Philippine Independent Online Label Numberline Records and shortly released his album ''ambgqty'' on May 19, 2011 which recieved the title of top 5 albums in 2011 based on philippine music publication Pulp Magazine, followed by another release on July 27, 2011 called ''The Limits of Thought'' and ''Finding Astral Lovers'' in December 16, 2011 which was awarded as one of Gig.Ph's Philippines' top 30 releases of 2011. In December of 2011 he also remixes the song Chosen Few by Tarsius which later was pressed and released on Vinyl. he was also signed under Singaporean-based label DarkerThanWax later on in 2011.

He also has been participating in various film scoring avenues including the University of the Philippines' Cineastes Silent Film Festivals and The Cinemalaya Film Festival which got him nominated in the prestigious “Gawad Urian Awards” for his film score for the movie “#Y” in 2014.

Similarobjects has taken part in many of the countries prestigious arts and music related festivities having been able to share the stage in the Manila Music Festival 2012 with the likes of Afrika Bambaataa "Father of the Electro Funk Sound", Ali Shaheed Muhammad of "A tribe called Quest" and Shinichi Osawa who is known internationally as one of the "Top 100 Japanese Pop Artists". He also is a staple when it comes to Local Music Festivals and  was booked at the Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival consecutively from 2011-2015 which is one of the most prestigious Music and Art Festivals in the Phillippines.  

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"the best soundscapes are usually ones that have resulted from an artist’s exploration and immersion into a specific region of existence. What occurs is something that makes us feel familiar but is completely new at the same time, much like the foggy uncertainty of experiencing deja vu. Finding Astral Lovers, the newest tape by Similar Objects (Jorge Wieneke) curated by the Phillipines-based Number Line Records, is a fresh example of sound that sits in this territory." -
"A new year means new music from prolific Manila based artist and master beat maker Similar Objects. Jung is a present for Similar Objects' fans by way of being a Bandcamp exclusive for free download. Jung features old beats, new ideas and more of Similar Objects terrific instrumental electronic music. Ambient and chill, with flourishes of trip hop and IDM, Jung continues Similar Objects' run of eminently listenable and enjoyable albums." -

"Ambient beat maker Similar Objects hits it deep on his recent album, Finding Astral Lovers, which its record label Number Line Records says is “written as a kind of dream journal; the album’s eleven tracks chronicle what Wieneke refers to as astral adventures or what skeptics might call “lucid dreams.” It is like being swept up by a school of rainbow fish to journey through the underwater wonders of Atlantis." -
"FindingAstralLovers" released mid december last year still made it  as one of the Philippines' top 30 releases of 2011 based on -
Featured on "koalametaphysics" International blog archiving metaphysical music around the world. -

"Similar Objects is from the Philippines. He has become one of my favourite ambient experimental artists after his previous album release which I posted about here. This new release still carries his strong attention to percussion, with this strangely titled track being a good example of that. The melodic elements are polite visitors in a kick and snare dominated world." -
(The Limits of Thought, FindingAstralLovers and Jung) featured on EverythingisChemical's "collections of best free music lying around the internet" -
"Similar Objects, aka Manila artist/producer Jorge Juan Wieneke V, has released his new album Finding Astral Lovers. Like its FZB reviewed predecessor, The Limits of Thought, Finding Astral Lovers sees Wieneke blending elements of house, IDM, electronica and dubstep into a lush set electronic tonal poems. The album features eleven tracks of beat heavy astral landscapes and airy synth pads." -

"ambgqty" ranked as one of the Philippines TOP 5 ALBUMS of 2011 in based on "Pulp" Magazine.
"Beat-haze producer Similar Objects describe the sound of their black aircon sober EP as "tali vibes/numbers and the abstract truth". Head over to their Bandcamp and listen for yourself to see if you can decode what the hell they're talking about-- and grab the whole thing for free too, while you're at it. Here's a standout from that EP to keep your vocal-melted mind satiated" - PitchForkMedia

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